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Sustainability - at Crowhurst Park

Here at Crowhurst Park we are mindful of our impact on the environment and strive to 'be green' where possible, without compromising on luxury.


We have a number of 'green' initiatives across our Park to help minimise our environmental impact and to prevent unnecessary pollution. With several recyling points dotted around the Park, we try to ensure as much waste is recyled as possible. 

Local Suppliers

We support local suppliers, reducing our carbon footprint.

Our meat is supplied through Butchers Hook, a loyal high class butcher. 

Our Fruit & Veg are supplied by Carrolls Greengrocers who we've used for years (they also do flowers!). 

Our Fish is as fresh as can be and supplied by Battle based French's Fish - Good thing too, as Fish 'n' Chips is our best seller!

We have local beer from Battle Brewery (they also have a Tap Room in the highstreet, which is a must visit).

We have many delicious wines to choose from, including some local options from Carr Taylor Vineyard - Who has some excellent varieties to sample, or why not make a day of it and arrange a Vineyard Tour? They do an excellent Cream tea. 

The Environment

With 170 acres to our estate, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to green space and areas. 

Creepy Crawlies - If you spot a few log piles, don't panic! We haven't forgotten about them, we've left them for nature to reclaim as their very own little Holiday Park for our smallest visitors. 

Wild Areas - You'll notice we've left some areas of the Park looking a bit untamed. Don't worry! Our mowers haven't broken, we're trying to encourage a wider variety of wild flowers to grow in these areas. 

Owl & Bat Boxes - We are so lucky to enjoy a wide range of wildlife visitors here at Crowhurst Park. If you look very carefully, you might be able to spot one of our owl or bat boxes carefully placed around the Park. 

Other wildlife - We have a few families of foxes on site, some visiting deer and our own waddle of rescued ducks. Some are quite friendly! But please refrain from feeding them, you never know if they might nip!

Energy Use

In 2022 we implemented our new Energy Saving strategy, with a view to lowering our overall energy use all over the Park. In our first year we reduced our energy consuption by over 19%. This year we are planning to install new solar panels on our Leisure Club roof, which we hope will have a marked impact on our electricity usage from the grid.