b'How to join Opening times and membership Please complete the application form and return it to the Leisure Monday to Friday 6.30am -10.00pmClub Reception. Saturday and Sunday 8.00am -7.00pmPhotographs Bank holiday opening times may varyFULL MEMBERSHIPPlease enclose two passport size photographs for each applicant Unlimited use, 7 days a weekand identify with name and address. OFF PEAK MEMBERSHIPMonthly payment option Mon - Fri, 6.30am - 5.00pm (1st March to 31st December)If paying on a monthly basis your application form should be 6 MONTHS MEMBERSHIPaccompanied by cash, cheque, debit or credit card for the Joining Unlimited use, 7 days a week, full payment upon joining.Fee and the first months subscription together with a completed CHILD MEMBERSHIPDirect Debit Mandate for future monthly subscriptions. Juniors must always be accompanied by an adult member.Membership is offered on an annual basis. Membership is non-Annual payment option transferable. Fees are non-returnable.If paying on an annual basis your application form should beaccompanied by cash, cheque, debit or credit card for the annualsubscription. Benefit from no joining fee when paying upfront.Rules 1.The Clubsubscription and charges, if any, for 5.7In order not to offend other Members,death of, any Member or Guest, except The Club shall be called the Crowhurst each of the facilities. Changes shall be normal swimwear should be worn in to the extent that such loss, damage,Park Leisure Club (The Club) and shall solely at the Owners discretion. sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and personal injury, or death arises from thebe a proprietary Club owned by 4.3Membership of the Club shall Swimming pool. wilful act, neglect or default of theCrowhurst Park, Battle, East Sussex commence from the day of acceptance 5.8Children under the age of 16 are not Owner or any of its employees orTN33 0SL, and administered by the following receipt and clearance of the permitted to use the gymnasium at any agents.Leisure Club Manager (the Manager) or subscription cheque. time. Smoking and the use of drinking 9.Termination of Membershipby such person the Owner shall 5.Club Facilities and Usage glasses are not permitted in the LeisureThe Owner and the Manager in theirnominate. Club. Staff are available to demonstrate and 5.9The use of breakable crockery and absolute discretion and without giving2.Membership supervise correct use of the training glasses is confined to the Manor any reason therefore may at any time2.1Membership is on 6 monthly or an equipment. House. These items may not be taken terminate the membership of anyannual basis. 5.1Persons under 14 years of age must be to the poolside. Member. It shall be at the sole2.2Persons wishing to become Members of accompanied in the Club by an adult 5.10 The Owner reserves the right to restrict discretion of the Owner, whether or notthe Club shall complete the application who will at all times be responsible for the numbers of Members using the a Members subscription shall beform attached and return it to the the persons conduct. It being recognised facilities at any one time. repayable to him in whole or in part inMain Reception. that neither the Club, the Manager nor 5.11 In the interests of safety, running, any case of termination of membership.2.3Absolute discretion is granted to the the Owner has responsibility on their jumping and diving are not permitted 10. Closing of the ClubOwner to reject, any application for, or behalf. Children under the age of 8 in the pool area nor the use of snorkels,renewal of membership without using the pool must be accompanied in flippers and beach balls etc.The Owner shall have the power andascribing any reason for so doing, in the water at all times by an appropriate 5.12 Last admission will be 1hour prior to the right at any time upon one monthssuch cases any monies sent will be adult, maximum 2 children per adult closing. The facilities must be cleared notice to Members to discontinue therefunded. (an adult being 16 years old or over). 15 minutes before closing time to Club upon refunding to Members the2.4On acceptance of application, the Children under the age of 8 are not allow adequate time for showering and unexpired portion of their currentapplicant will be sent a Membership permitted to use the spa pool (this is dressing. subscription.Card which will remain the property of due to health reasons). 11. Compliance with Rules5.2For health and hygienic reasons, all 6.Club Admissionthe Owner and upon the termination of persons are requested to shower before 6.1On entering the Club, all Members 11.1 By their membership Members acceptmembership for whatever reason will be using the pool, Jacuzzi or childrens pool. must sign in at the reception desk. All and agree to be bound by the Rules ofreturnable to the Owner on demand. 5.3Members and their Guests are Guests must be accompanied by a the Club from time to time in force,2.5Membership is strictly non transferable. particularly advised not to undertake Member and must sign the Guest book. and to use the Club and its facilities in2.6Temporary membership is offered to strenuous physical activity for which Current membership cards must be a proper and prudent manner.the parks guests during their stay at they might be medically unfit and shown. 11.2 Any Member or Guest who in the solethe park. neither the Owner nor the Manager will 6.2Except with the prior consent of the opinion of the Manager does not3.Joining Fee be in any way responsible for any harm Manager, no Member shall at any time comply with the rules shall be required A Joining fee as per the current tariff which may come to Member or Guest introduce any Guests who has been to leave the premises immediately andmust be paid before membership can as a result of their undertaking within rejected as a Member or had without argument.commence. The joining fee is per the Club, any activity which is beyond membership terminated or suspended. 11.3 The Club reserves the right to requireperson and is not transferable. If Club their physical capability. Members and 6.3A Member introducing a Guest shall be any Member to make good ormembership is terminated or lapses Guests are advised to have a medical responsible for the good conduct of indemnify the Club against any dangerthrough non payment of subscription consultation and assessment before such Guest whilst on Club premises and or destruction of Club facilities causedthe joining fee will become payable commencing exercise. All members shall be responsible for payment of the by the negligence, default or wrongfulbefore membership can resume. must have an induction prior to using appropriate charges (specified from act of such Member or their Guest(s).the gym equipment. time to time by the Owner) for such 11.4 The Owner in its sole discretion may at4.Subscriptions 5.4Members should not use the Club while Guests use of the facilities. any time vary these rules or any entry4.1Membership is on an annual basis. under the influence of alcohol, anti- fee or membership subscription or anySubscriptions maybe paid monthly. On histamines, vasoconstrictors, narcotics 7.Opening Times of the charges for the use of any or allthe annual basis the appropriate annual or tranquilisers. Those with diabetes,The times at which any or all of the of the facilities. No refunds ofsubscription is payable in full in heart disease or high/low blood pressure facilities shall be available to Members subscriptions will be made.advance either in cash or by cheque or should check with their doctor that it is and Guests shall be at the discretion of 11.5 Members will further comply with anydirect debit. No increase in subscription safe for them to use the Clubs facilities. the Owner or the Manager. Any or all discretion which the Manager may giverates will be levied during the year for 5.5Members and their Guests should be of the facilities may be closed at any to ensure the smooth operation of thewhich an annual subscription has been suitably attired whilst using the time for the purpose of the cleaning, Club, the use of the facilities and thepaid. On the monthly basis the first facilities. Gym shoes should be worn at decorating, repairs, events or for special convenience of all.months subscription must be paid in all times in the gymnasium. No functions. In the event of equipment 11.6 Any dispute or difference which maycash or by cheque and accompanied by swimwear or jeans upstairs. not working it will be replaced as soon arise in regard to the interpretation ofa properly completed Direct Debit 5.6Sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi are as practically possible. Members these Rules shall be determined by theMandate for future monthly available. Instructions are posted in subscription will not be refunded, Manager whose discretion shall be finalsubscription. The Club reserves the plain view in each room and must be reduced or extended. and binding on all Members.right to increase or revise the monthly complied with. The Owner shall not be 8.Owners Liability 12.Additionssubscription rates on giving one liable for the consequencesof anyThe Owner and its employees will not 12.1 The Leisure Club has a no smokingmonths notice. person failing to follow such be liable in any way for the loss of, or policy.4.2The Owner shall from time to time instructions and shall be entitled to damage to, the property of Members or 12.2 Members are not permitted to bringdetermine the amount of theremove from the club forthwith any Guests or for the personal injury to orpets onto the park.such persons.'